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"Philip, I owe you a great deal, because I now know how to permanently avoid that "how did I get here, again?" experience of not having enough cash to continue.

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-Anisa Aven, Owner
Creatavision Enterprises

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Without a degree in accounting, I needed something like Philip's Peace of Mind schedule to keep me focused on the most important aspect of my business - CASH.

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Leap of Faith Enterprises

"Cash Flow Rules # 7 and # 9 are absolutely critical for all business owners and financial managers to live by in order to prosper in business and be able to sleep at night.

Now I'm completely in the drivers seat.  My business is so much easier to manage now."

- David Segers, Chief Financial Officer
William Cole Enterprises



Never Run Out of Cash
The 10 Cash Flow Rules
 You Can't Afford to Ignore

by Philip Campbell

Table of Contents

About the Author 

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Part One: It’s All About The CASH 

1.    Is Your Cash Flow Under Control? 

2.    How You Benefit From Getting Your Cash Flow           Under Control 

3.    The 10 Cash Flow Rules 

4.    Cash Is King 

Part Two: Know The CASH Balance 

5.    What is the Cash Balance Right Now? 

6.    Don’t Manage From the Bank Balance 

Part Three: You Absolutely, Positively Must
                  Have Cash Flow Projections

7.   What Do You Expect the Cash Balance to be Six        Months From Now? 

8.   Cash Flow Problems Don’t “Just Happen” 

9.   The Peace of Mind Schedule is Born 

10. The Peace of Mind Schedule Will Free You 

11. Putting the Peace of Mind Schedule to Work 

12. Cash Flow Projections the Right Way 

13. Creating Peace of Mind Each Month 

Part Four: Your Decision to Use a Proven

14. The Most Common Cash Flow “Yes, Buts…”  

15. Taking Control of Your Cash Flow 

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