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"Never Run Out of Cash is a must-read and must-use for business owners, operators, and accountants.  As a former CFO and a business owner, I know how few people really understand how to project and manage cash.

Philip gets it.  And he explains it in a way you can use.

You will learn the important questions.  More importantly, you will learn how to answer them so that YOU never run out of cash.”

Steve Koinis

“This powerful, practical book gives you the key to business success. You learn the most important lessons of all to become wealthy.”

Brian Tracy, author


“This is a revolutionary money-management book.

Throw out all the other complicated methods of handling projections and financial strategizing – use Philip’s Peace of Mind schedule to get just that – Peace of Mind about your cash flow!”

Dr. Joe Vitale
Best-selling author of “Spiritual Marketing” and numerous other works.

"Philip Campbell's book shows you not only how to manage the dollars and cents of cash-flow, but also how to manage your attitude and beliefs about it.... something I've never seen anywhere else. If you want to learn how to finally solve your cash-flow problems - get this book now!"

Jim Edwards
Author, "Immediate Money Immediately"

I highly recommend that you follow Philip's step-by-step process. It was so easy to do.  It made all the difference for me.  Now I'm finally back to having fun growing my business."

Ricky Hux, Owner and President
Best Fit Solutions, LLC

“Never Run Out of Cash is a must read for anyone involved in business. Philip has written an easy-to-read guide with practical tips and strategies you can implement immediately.”

Jill Griffin, author, “Customer Loyalty: How to Earn It, How to Keep It”

Software is Now Available That Creates the Peace of Mind Schedule for you.

And you can get it for a BIG discount now as a reader of my book. When you purchase SurvivalWare, enter the Coupon Code and save $200. The Coupon Code is the very last word on page 45 of my book Never Run Out of Cash. How is easy is that!!  Just click on one of the SurvivalWare links to download your FREE trial so you can get started now. :)

Imagine having a schedule in front of you every month that showed you exactly what was going on with your cash flow. A schedule that made it simple and easy to know exactly what was going on with the lifeblood of your business - your CASH.

I call it the Peace of Mind schedule.

And now the Peace of Mind schedule has been automated. And not only that, it has been built into what I believe is the most powerful financial analysis and improvement software available on the market.

I use it everyday now to help business owners make more money and put more cash in the bank. I know that sounds like a very strong statement. But it is true.

It has incredibly strong graphing and dashboard features so trends and problems literally jump off the screen at you. You have to see it to believe it. It makes increasing profitability and cash flow so much easier.

Now you can use the spreadsheet version of the Peace of Mind schedule I teach in my book Never Run Out of Cash or you can simply import your financial statements into SurvivalWare and it automatically creates the Peace of Mind schedule for you.

It has the Peace of Mind schedule built right into it.

SurvivalWare will help you:

  • Make confident decisions knowing the cash flow impact of every important business decision you make.

  • Free yourself to do what you do best - grow your business and make more money.

  • Get the cash flow monkey off your back.

  • See cash flow problems before they happen.

  • Enjoy the wonderful feeling of knowing you're in control.

  • Create cash flow projections you can trust.

  • Use graphs and charts so trends and opportunities jump off the page at you.

  • Discover the power of dashboards to focus you like a laser on the critical parts of your business.

  • See your key performance measures in an easy-to-understand format


Graphs Show the Trends Instantly






Every financial and non-financial measure in SurvivalWare can be instantly graphed so you have a crystal clear view into each KPI (key performance indicator) that drives profitability and cash flow in your business.

Whether you are focused on...

  • Sales mix

  • Average revenue per customer

  • Average revenue per employee

  • Labor as a percent of revenue

  • Average cost per customer

  • Return on assets

  • Return on investment

  • Breakeven

  • Days sales in accounts receivable

  • Inventory turnover

  • Days expenses in accounts payable

  • Occupancy costs as a percent of revenue

  • Monthly debt service

  • Debt to equity

  • Or any other measure of profitability and success in your business...

You get to see the performance measures and results calculated the same way - every single month. You have a view into the last 24 to 36 months of results so trends jump off the chart at you.

That's the kind of information that makes it easy for financial and non-financially oriented people to take action and create improvement.

That's how you improve profits and cash flow in your business - FAST.


 Cash Is King











The simple reality in business is that your success will ultimately be determined by the degree to which you generate, and hang on to, CASH.

The scary reality though is very few entrepreneurs and business owners have the cash flow of their business under control.

SurvivalWare solves this problem by giving you a simple and easy-to-understand approach to taking control of your cash flow. It makes it fast and easy to answer one of the most important questions you can ask "What do I expect my cash balance to be six months from now".

If you can't answer this question then you’re basically flying blind and, in effect, managing by the seat of your pants. Not a recipe for results in the business world of today.

The Peace of Mind schedule helps avoid two of the biggest mistakes business owners make in trying to manage the financial side of their business.

  1. Thinking profit or loss equals cash flow - nothing could be further from the truth. Profit or loss is only one component of cash flow. You also have debt service, inventory, capital expenditures, estimated tax payments, accounts receivable, owner distributions, and a number of other import drivers of cash flow.

  2. Understanding an important fact about financial statements - it is important to recognize that financial statements are always focused on the past. They are a bit like the rear view mirror in your car. An important tool for sure, but when you're cruising down the freeway at 70 miler per hour, an occasional glance in the rear view mirror is all that's required. To get where you are going safely you need a good, clear view through the windshield. In business, you do that with a simple set of monthly cash flow projections.

SurvivalWare  helps you avoid these two killer mistakes by shining the light on each component of your cash flow. Now you can keep your finger on the pulse of the business - your cash flow.



I cannot say thank you enough.

The information you provide is absolutely critical to running any successful business. Without a doubt, failure is certain without the knowledge that you provide.  I know, I've been there one too many times!

I owe you a great deal, because I now know how to permanently avoid that 'how did I get here, again?' experience of not having enough cash to continue.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Anisa Aven, Owner
Creatavision Enterprises



Absolutely awesome!

Your straight forward advice really struck a chord with me.  I have used a similar, albeit incomplete schedule to forecast cash flow for quite some time now.  However, your Peace of Mind schedule helped bring into focus some of the areas in my forecasting that needed refining for a more accurate picture.

I think I knew this all along.  But there was something about the way you presented it that finally made me do it.  The information is absolutely critical for all business owners and financial managers to live by in order to prosper in business and be able to sleep at night.

Now I'm completely in the drivers seat.  My business is so much easier to manage now."

David Segers, Chief Financial Officer
William Cole, Inc.


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