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Learn the 10 Cash Flow Rules You Can’t Afford to Ignore


This unique book is an easy-to-understand, here’s exactly how you do it guide to help you better understand and manage the cash flow of your business.

Getting your cash flow under control is not a luxury in business… It’s required for survival.
Don’t take a chance with the lifeblood of your business.

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Understanding Your Cash Flow - In Less Than 10 Minutes

There are two things that are very unique and exciting about this online course.

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Don’t Become Another Small Business Failure Statistic

  • Free yourself from cash flow worries
  • Make confident business decisions knowing the cash flow impact of every important business decision you make
  • Become a master of your destiny rather than a slave to the cash
  • Learn the secret to creating cash flow projections you can trust
  • See cash flow problems before they happen
  • Avoid the single biggest mistake business owners make with their cash flow
  • Experience the Peace of Mind of knowing what you expect your cash balance to be six months from now
  • Learn the two critical cash flow questions and the almost magical way they will simplify your life
  • Put the 10 Cash Flow Rules to work in your business

Business owners love the book

  • Bill White – President/CEO, The Biggest Deal, Inc.

    There is a lot of talk about cash flow these days, but very little practical instruction on actually knowing how to define it precisely for your business. I think you have gone beyond what was needed and provided an excellent and easy to use tool to assist business owners and managers in steering and growing their companies. I give you two thumbs up!

  • Kathryn Edler – Hypnotherapist

    Philip has completely changed the way I manage my business. I feel that I finally have a clear picture of my financial situation and am now in control. The teaching was informative, easy for the layman like me to understand and use, above all . . . it works!

  • Robert J. Jacobs – Owner, The CashXchange Group

    Wow, what a wealth of information! I am now much more informed on the subject of cash flow for my own business . . . And much better prepared to answer questions from my clients. You do not charge enough for this information.

  • Winston Scoville – Owner, MKOPPS Small Business Publications

    This information helps business owners regain control of the financial side of their business, be it an online or an offline business. The message is presented in a very memorable way that is easy to understand and easy to implement.

  • David Segers – Chief Financial Officer, William Cole, Inc.

    Philip, absolutely awesome! Your straightforward advice really struck a chord with me. I have used a similar, albeit incomplete schedule to forecast cash flow for quite some time now. However, your Peace of Mind schedule helped bring into focus some of the areas in my forecasting that needed refining for a more accurate picture. I think I knew this all along. But there was something about the way you presented it that finally made me do it. Now I’m completely in the driver’s seat. My business is so much easier to manage now.

  • Sylvia Barnes – Owner, Leap of Faith Enterprises

    Without a degree in accounting, I needed something like Philip’s Peace of Mind schedule to keep me focused on the most important aspect of my business—CASH. It’s easy to understand and apply—just what I needed!

  • Anisa Aven – Owner, Creatavision Enterprises

    Philip, I cannot say thank you enough. The information you share is absolutely critical to running any successful business. Without a doubt, failure is certain without the knowledge that you provide. I know, I’ve been there one too many times! I owe you a great deal, because I now know how to permanently avoid that ‘how did I get here, again?’ experience of not having enough cash to continue. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • Jill Griffin – Author, “Customer Loyalty: How to Earn It, How to Keep It”

    Philip has written an easy-to-read guide with practical tips and strategies you can implement immediately.

  • Ricky Hux – Owner and President Best Fit Solutions, LLC

    Philip has helped me get back to doing what I do best—taking care of customers and growing my business. I never realized how much of my time was wasted worrying about my money. I only wish I had learned the secrets of taking control of my business earlier. The two questions have made an incredible difference for me. I no longer worry about my cash flow because I can answer the two questions—YES. I highly recommend that you follow Philip’s step-by-step process. It was so easy to do. It made all the difference for me. Now I’m finally back to having fun growing my business.

Philip Campbell - Author of Never Run Out of Cash

About the Author

Philip Campbell has over 30 years of experience in the business world

He has served as an officer in a number of growing companies with revenues ranging from $5 million up to $900 million. He has been involved in the acquisition or sale of 33 companies, and an IPO on the New York Stock Exchange.

What really sets Philip apart from the average financial person you meet is his passion and excitement about helping business owners take control of their cash flow. Early on in his business career he focused and “preached” so much about the importance of cash flow that people now call him CASH.

Philip is one of those rare individuals who is skilled in the numbers side of business, but who also understands and loves all the different aspects of growing a successful business. He has helped hundreds of business owners take control of their cash flow.

Never Run Out of Cash Book


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