Monthly Archives: July 2013

Understanding the Drivers of Cash Flow – Accounts Receivable

When you are trying to understand (or explain) the difference between your profit for the month and the actual change in your cash for that same month, accounts receivable will usually be a part of the story. You have accounts receivable when you sell your products or services on terms such that the customer does…
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The Power of the Cash Flow Focus Report – Part 2

In my last post, I introduced you to the Cash Flow Focus Report. It is a simple, common sense approach to understanding your cash flow that only takes 10 minutes a month. It is designed to bring focus to your cash flow and simplify your life (especially when it comes to understanding and managing cash…
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The Power of the Cash Flow Focus Report

Do you feel like you have the cash flow of your business under control? I asked that question of small business owners when I wrote the book Never Run Out of Cash. What percentage of them would you think said no? It was 82%. Puts you in pretty good company doesn’t it! There are four…
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